However, land 8-16 cherries and you’ll win a portion of the jackpot. Rather than cover any paylines, your bet just goes to playing a game. You’ll need to be looking out for pineapples, oranges, lemons or cherries if you want any decent prizes. The melon pays just 0.4x for five matching, while five plums pays 0.5x. Since you’ve still no doubt got that seven-figure jackpot in your mind, I’ll tell you that matching eight or more cherry symbols is what’s needed to claim a portion of it. As stated, you can win the whole thing if you land eight or more cherries while betting 10 credits.

● A winning arrangement of the funky fruit symbols earns you multiples of your bet amount. ● The more adjacent matching symbols you can spin out, with 16 being the maximum, the higher your winnings. ● Successful players win prizes that are determined by the amount put up as a bet, and the number of matching symbols. It features graphics that are impressively colorful and high definition, with a beach background.

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Players dr bet reviews will notice that this leaves some open spaces at the top of the game board, but that’s not the end of the feature. New symbols will also fall into these spots to fill up the entire five-by-five grid. Once it’s full, new clusters will be paid as well, and the process continues.

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The reels contain 3D images of cute little fruits such as a dopey pineapple, grumpy lemon, chubby watermelon, or mischievous cherries. Throughout the game, the funky fruits animate, spin around, smile, and just look plain adorable. The Funky Fruits video slot immediately resembles the raft of online slots that have come out since Candy Crush became such a hit.

Funky Fruit Jackpot dr bet reviews Rewards $1, 629,329

Funky Fruits features funny, fantastic fruit on a tropical beach. The fruit themselves are the symbols you will be playing with. Pineapples, Plums, Oranges, Watermelons, and Lemons are all present. Funky Fruits is a five reel, twenty payline progressive jackpot slot game. With every spin, you’ll want to match up as many of the same fruits as possible.

If you really want to win big playing online slots, progressive jackpots are your best bet. We list all progressive jackpots that grow and grow with every spin. The longer the jackpot takes to be won, the higher the prize becomes, resulting in mega payouts for the lucky winners. The arrangement doesn’t matter, the only important thing is that the symbols are arranged right next to each other. A special bonus is the progressive jackpot, which can be won in every game round.

Funky Fruit Jackpot dr bet reviews Rewards $1, 629,329

If you know that app – or any of its many clones – the idea is to line up matching symbols on a grid. Winning combos then explode from view and are replaced by the symbols sitting above. Funky Fruits Slot is a fruit machine game created by Playtech, a premier software company. This game fully explores the fruity theme, which is quite popular in slot games. It is a more exciting upgrade of “Funky Fruits Farm”, another fruity game by Playtech.

Funky Fruits Jackpot

● Winning combinations can only occur vertically, horizontally, or a mix of both. I want to know about exclusive bonuses, promotions, and news. Gambling is an adult activity and no part of this site is intended for use by anyone beneath the legal age required to engage in gambling within their jurisdiction of residence.